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Another Tale of Stubbornness Overcome.

I didn’t want to knit this sweater for the longest time.

That’s because a) this sweater pattern is crazy-popular, so I shied away from it and b) it was designed by the enviable, adorable Cirilia Rose, of whom I try not to be too jealous (Please, can I be that pretty? And have a book contract with Stewart, Tabori, and Chang?).

But, a few weeks after our Spring Shearing, things at the farm were suddenly much less busy, and I had quite a lot of time on my hands. So I set myself the assignment of “get to know the new yarn lines,” because, despite having been a test knitter, I still had a few doubts about the yarn– Willa in particular.

I just wasn’t yet completely sold on that 40% mohair content. Mohair, to me, meant “scratchy & flyaway”– described euphemistically as “has a halo.” Although I’d learned that that descriptor only applied to brushed mohair, I still wasn’t sure. I wanted to get to know what the yarn was like. And the best way to do that was to knit a sweater. Enter the Aidez– free, popular, quick, and beautiful.

It knit up quickly, looks attractive, and, although I’d thought about giving it away as a Christmas present, is going to be my go-to sweater for lounging around indoors this fall & winter. The Willa has a wonderful sheen, is nice & soft & cozy, and makes the cable patterning look amazing– I loved it so much, I went and knit another sweater in Willa immediately afterwards. I’m absolutely happy, and way impressed– from a skeptically-viewed pattern & yarn, I’ve got a fantastic new sweater!


8 thoughts on “Another Tale of Stubbornness Overcome.

  1. Marie says:

    Just had to leave a comment about your finding out that Chevrolet means Little Goat. Whenever I see “Chevrolet” I am reminded of Ramona Quimby and the fact that she named her favorite doll that because she thought it sounded so beautiful.

    • carolinefryar says:

      No, no, thank you! It’s absolutely beautiful! Sorry it took me a few days to reply– I was a little someone-famous-is-talking-to-me!? shellshocked– but, again, thank you so much for being so talented & so gracious!

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